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Steam and Hot Water Boilers


We recommend yearly maintenance to keep your heating equipment in good shape & to better help protect against breakdowns & unsafe conditions. When one of our technicians come out to perform maintenance, they will:

  • Fully inspect your heating equipment

  • Test the boiler for any leaks

  • Clean the heating equipment

  • Detect & repair any small issue(s) that can lead to larger issues down the line if not fixed, essentially saving the building owner hundreds, if not thousands of dollars

  • Check the overall operations of the heating equipment for proper operation


Sometimes we are able to replace sections on the boiler, instead of a full replacement. We replace sections as needed to fix issues or improve efficiency. If a new installation is unavoidable, we will inform you & explain your options.

Installations & Replacements

Our installations include the following:

  • Removal of old equipment

  • Installation of concrete base to minimize against water damage, if needed

  • Expert piping & boiler replacement

  • Steam fitting



We use combustion analysis equipment to “dial-in” new and existing power burners to reach their peak efficiency.

  • Flue Gas Analysis

  • Increased energy efficiency



We carry a large inventory of the most commonly needed repair parts, which enables us to get you up and running quickly and firing efficiently.


We use new burner technology to replace outdated, obsolete, and inefficient burners on present steam and hot water boilers. 

Water Heaters


  • Preventive maintenance is always key to keeping your water heater running efficiently. 

  • Commercial tank-type heaters can be cleaned of lime deposits which build up over time and reduce efficiency 

  • Copper finned higher efficiency water heaters can be disassembled to wash their heat exchangers.

  • Burners, pilots, and manifolds can be cleaned and adjusted.


  • We repair most brands of commercial water heaters and carry a wide variety of parts.


  •  We specialize in the installation of steam averaging controls for single pipe and dual-pipe steam buildings.  These controls combined with effective system balancing, have proven to reduce fuel waste and equally important, add comfort to residents.

  • These controls are very popular with offsite property management companies and owners, to help manage building temperatures without the need to visit the properties every time outdoor temperatures fluctuate.  

We also install programmable controls for smaller buildings, which allows temperature monitoring from the boiler room.



  • Although we do repair them, Older 3 piece pumps require more maintenance and can be costly to repair.  

When a pump breaks down, we recommend replacing it with a more efficient, no maintenance pump, that uses less energy to operate and are usually quieter during operation than the older pumps. 

  • These pumps are used both for hot water heating systems as well as domestic hot water circulation.


  • We also replace leaking steam supply and return condensate piping.

  • Many times, we are able to locate the source of knocking in the systems piping and help reduce or even eliminate the problem. 

  • Add radiators

  • Depending on the source, we can help reduce or sometimes eliminate noisy radiator issues. 

  • Replacement of complete radiators and piping if needed 

  • Cold or overheated areas can also be addressed using steam vents and thermostatic valves.

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